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Advanced Academics

Accelerated classes are offered in Math, Science, English Language Arts & Reading, and Social Studies. These courses are designed to stimulate and challenge students to perform at an accelerated level. Accelerated middle school courses are created to prepare students for Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit (DC) courses offered at the high school level. Accelerated courses are rigorous and challenging and require time commitment outside of class to support the accelerated experiences. These courses cover similar material as regular classes, but at a faster pace and with more depth. Students are expected to use their newfound skills with advanced exercises while learning how to apply hands-on applications of their knowledge. Growth, progress, and successful course completion are required to continue enrollment in accelerated courses.

Students enrolled in Accelerated classes are expected to spend time outside of class to complete projects related to classroom content such as Summer Enrichment Project, Science Fair, and History Expo/Fair.

At the 5th grade level, students enrolled in Accelerated classes will take accelerated classes in all core areas. At the 6th grade level, students enrolled in Accelerated classes may choose which core content areas to take accelerated classes in.

Robotics: Extra-curricular competitive Robotics is offered after school.

Enriched Experiences

  • Field Trips
  • PLTW Launch
  • Blended Learning
  • Washington DC

Course Requirements

  • Summer Enrichment Project (see below)
  • History Expo Fair Participation
  • Science Fair Participation