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Special Education/Section 504

We offer general education classroom support which includes a variety of strategies to support integration into less restrictive environments. 

We offer resource services for students who need special education assistance.

Our district offers many support services using highly qualified personnel including Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Orientation and Mobility, Vision and Counseling.  Our district offers professional development opportunities for teachers and paraprofessionals to provide a safe and effective learning environment for our students.  We provide the least restrictive environment with opportunities for inclusion throughout the school day.  Our mission as special education teachers is to foster independence and growth for each student to become successful members of our society.

Who can I call to get further information?

Contact the Weis Principal, Counselor,  or Special Education Team Leader at 409-761-6100 or call the Office of Special Education at 409-761-3920.

For more information visit the GISD Special Education and Section 504 department or  Special Education- TEA