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Young Gardeners Program

The Young Gardeners Program (YGP) is a project of Galveston’s Own Farmers Market (GOFM). YGP currently oversees and operates after-school gardening and nutrition programs in eight schools located in Galveston County.  Since it was founded by Nan Wilson in 2017, the Young Gardeners Program has grown from one school garden to eight across GISD campuses including Crenshaw in Bolivar.

Young Gardeners experience planting, watering, weeding, harvesting and the preparation of food for themselves and learn how to share their experience with their families. Each child is offered an opportunity to take home a pound of produce at least weekly, but many times they harvest much more frequently and are able to take as much produce home as they would like.


Our mission is to cultivate a community of healthy and happy young people by encouraging them to put their hands in the dirt, eat well, and learn the transformative power of growing their own food.


  1. Health
  2. Organic growing
  3. Community development & activism
  4. Growing your own food is empowering & magical.
  5. All human beings are connected through food.
  6. Respect for everyone.
  7. Curiosity & Creativity
  8. Diversity brings vitality to all living systems.


Young Gardeners Program students will gain a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary learning experience that incorporates their senses, imaginations and intellect through explorations into science, the environment, health & nutrition and their own value to the surrounding community.

For information, visit, or contact Honi Alexander at or 281-725-4710.