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Robotics Club is a team-oriented competitive club in which students work together to build robots and program them to compete in events against teams from other schools. Students compete in an annual competition using only Vex robotics parts to complete various tasks against other teams in a two-minute period. 

Robot Events host a series of regional competitions where students qualify for state, nationals, and world. 

Coach: Ms. Steffi Liaw at


What do you do in robotics club?

It differs by school or organization, but here's a general overview of what you do in a robotics club:

  • Meet regularly to go over housekeeping items (important dates, etc.)
  • Discuss upcoming "build" needs for competitions and more
  • Designate specified roles among club members
  • Build and program robots for competitions


Robotics resources:

Ready for your child to reap the benefits of joining a robotics team? Check out this website.